If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the

kitchen, cellar

What is it escape game?

Escape or similarly called exit game is free-time activity focused on your logical thinking. The main principle of the game is simple, group of people is trapped in the room and their objective is to get out within the time limit only with help of your logical thinking and imagination. During the game players have to solve variety of puzzles, ciphers and brain teasers which opens locks and reveals next exciting tasks. What you need to participate in the game? It is simple as well, it’s enthusiasm, concentration, logical thinking, problem solving with clear head. The group should also be coordinated with good communication skills. That is also the reason why exit games are used by companies as team-building exercises. Maybe you or your children have heard or seen something called “escape the room” and you were wondering what it would be like? And if you think you got what it takes don’t hesitate and come try it for yourself.

300 years after school

Coincidentally, you found yourself near an abandoned school and decided to visit it. You did not know that, according to local legend, behind its walls lies the ghost of a schoolboy who died under mysterious circumstances. You have fallen into his trap and the only way out is to help him complete four subjects that the schoolboy did not manage to complete during his lifetime. You have to do it for him.

The lawyer

This story took place in the summer of 2010 in Chicago. After several weeks of traveling across the United States, you found yourself on train number 682 running on the New York Chicago line. On the way to the destination station, you met a handsome, well-dressed middle-aged man. They called him Alex Bell. He was very polite and respected by all. Your new acquaintance told you that he works as a lawyer in Chicago, that he is on his way to court proceedings, but that unfortunately bad luck has stuck to his heels. In the station's luggage room, he forgot his briefcase with extremely important documents, without which the lawsuit would not win. He asked you to pick up his luggage while he was leaving to make a very important phone call with his client. You agreed with him that you would meet in exactly an hour at the agreed place, where you would hand over his briefcase with all the documents.